By Grrr9

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This story will demonstrate that there is an inner compassion that resides within all of us. It can appear in the most unexpected places and sometimes children display more of it than adults. It may seem as if someone has lost touch with this compassion as they become entrenched in…

Yolanda James

(written by Joe Fletcher with assistance and editing from Jim Beck)

As will be seen by my insights demonstrated in this writing there is a voice within us, this is the voice of our true self. It is our personal guide and is there to show us who we truly…

walking terra christa academy

Hope is the sunshine of the soul

Through wind and rain, it stays whole

Can you control the weather will stress?

Let it pass, come back to rest

Through hail and storm, the world survives

Peace returns, potential comes alive

Hope lights the way, all fear be gone

Radiates beauty, silence is heaven’s song

The so-called ego has been given many names and explanations throughout the centuries as humans have tried to explain that voice in our heads that is constantly analysing and judging everything in this world including us. It could even be argued that Lucifer and the Devil are in fact metaphors…

Vika Suh

Your eternal flame
Flickers to and fro
Ever burning
Whatever happens in the show
Even through storms
It burns ever bright
Never wavering
Can’t extinguish this light

Pure love
Resides deep within the soul
Is part of you
Keeps you whole
As you wander
Through the darkest nights
Your flame still flickers
Your life reignites

Trust that God
Still has your back
No matter what happens
Believe this fact
Your innate strength
Will get you through
When truth awakens
You’ll find your proof


Home is the space where inspiration ignites
The fountain of youth that baptises troubles and ills
The Kingdom inherited
Your right of passage the sages paint with words

Home is the chest that opens to all knowledge
Of truth and love
Birthed from silence deep within our soul
Before creation hired you to the show

The key all possess is forged from inside
Open the pearly gates to the Garden of Eden
Where all dis-ease is healed
Return home, claim what is yours

The wheels of progress turn very slow
You will it to go exponentially faster
Become stressed as you push harder and harder

As the deadline approaches you begin to panic
Predict consequences of another project failed
Believe your life will end, your family will starve

A man comes along, says…

Traverse City State Psychiatric Hospital, Michigan, picture by Andrew Johnson

As a society, we get told certain conditions and feelings are illnesses like they are bacteria or viruses invading the body. …

Humpty Dumpty by Brandon Rodgers

I hear so many people describe themselves as being permanently broken or damaged.

It’s understandable that it can be something that can seem really true as many are given this impression by medical professionals. I heard a former psychiatric nurse of 30 years say in a talk that I went…

Joe Fletcher

I am part of the Pursuit of Truth group that are looking to spread our message of mental health recovery and transformation through the 3 principles

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